Partner with SEYA

There are many opportunities to partner with the Southeastern Young Alumni (SEYA) Charitable Foundation and help make a positive impact on our community. We love Nashville and all that it has provided for us as we build both our identities as professionals and our lives as residents in a thriving city. We are always looking for others who feel the same about giving back! Exposure to our audience of thousands of young professionals with whom we communicate about events, volunteer opportunities, membership/networking, and various other hot Nashville topics provides a world of opportunity for our partners as well.

Some of the ways other Nashville area businesses and organizations can work with SEYA include:

Sponsoring the College Football Kickoff Party (August) and/or The Affair to Care Mardi Gras Ball (February)

Donating food, beverages and other services for SEYA’s fundraising events

Cross-promoting charitable and community events

Profit-sharing for SEYA’s endowment fund at MCJ

Co-hosting networking events

We are currently in the process of establishing sponsorship packages for our 2015-16 year of fundraising events, beginning with the College Football Kickoff Party on August 28, 2015. The 2016 Affair to Care Mardi Gras Ball will happen in February. Our sponsorship opportunities provide a variety of mutual benefits for those organizations contributing to our fundraising efforts. If you or your business/organization are interested in sponsoring one of our flagship events, please fill out the form below. If you would like to partner with us in any of the other ways described above, please Contact Us for more information!

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